♠JBS (J Billiard Sports)

JBS, launched in June, 2013 with the slogan ‘Billiards as a sport’, is ‘Universal Korea’s own carom cue brand.

JBS, which started with heyday of billiards in Korea, is a Korean brand that applies our designed cue and self-developed core method.



JBS, sponsors around 20 pool & carom players in Korea as well as around the world, and is currently sponsoring many billiard players with top player "Jae-ho Cho" and "Murat Naci Coklu".

In addition, through sponsorships of various federations and various tournaments, we are taking the lead in developing products that prioritize performance while raising our brand image. 

JBS, promises to make more efforts in the future to make products that many players and club members who love billiards can trust and choose, and promise to repeat development and growth.

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OPEN TIME (10:00 ~ 19:00)
LUNCH (12:00 ~ 13:00)